Aura-T Trailer Vent
The Green Way to Vent Your RV & Trailer
for a healthy, comfortable indoor air environment.

This unique solar and wind-powered roof fan is designed to ventilate during sunny days as well as cloudy days and even nights.

The Aura solar panel with DC motor provides a motorized exhaust for sunny day operation.

For dark overcast days and nights, the Aura patented louver design dynamically but passively ventilates the RV or trailer which is essential on those hot muggy nights.

The passive ventilation of the Aura-T Solar Fan is accomplished by using wind to draw air. Ventilation removes the humid polluted air from the trailer which needs to be vented to the outside.

The design of the Aura-T Solar Fan can ventilate the trailer during wind driven rain and snow even when the trailer is in motion.

Ventilation is also essential during the winter months. By removing pollutants and excess moisture from the air, ventilation creates a dry and warm environment inside.

Durable and made with heavy gauge aluminum the Aura-T Solar Fan comes with a 5 year warranty.

Optional pull switch to shut off fan when desired (e.g. in the winter) (see below)

Application: 1 vent for every 8 linear feet of RV or trailer.

Contact: Active Ventilation about venting requirements, because some RV’s & trailers require different amounts of ventilation than others.

The Aura-T Solar Trailer Vent Kit includes everything you need to install the vent yourself:
  • 19 self tapping screws (#8 x 1/2") to secure the flange to the roof.

  • 3 sheet metal screws (#10 x 2") to secure the inside garnish ring

  • Butyl tape to seal the vent to the roof
Optional pull switch so that fan can be shut off in the winter - additional $15

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