Round Back Roof Vent
A High Quality, Economical Static Vent

round back vent inside louvers
Close up of louvers

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  • Round design provides for excellent air flow and maximum wind strength

  • Prevents rain and snow from entering the attic

  • Inside louver is insect and animal proof

  • All aluminum construction - never rusts

  • Provides 50 square inches of free air space

  • High quality powder coating lasts as long as the roof

  • Colors available: black, brown, weatherwood, green and white

  • Five year warranty
Round Back Vent
----------- DIMENSIONS -----------
Inside Dia
Width (B)
Outside Dia
Collar Height
Height of Head (E)
Total Head Height (F)
----------- SPECIFICATIONS -----------
Pitch Capacity
Min - Max
Net Free Vent Area (square inches)
Net Free Vent Area
(square feet)
Square Feet Ventilated
per Vent*
3/12 - 12/12
* Calculated according to 1/300 rule
Roof vents and attic vents have many engineering terms used to describe them. One of these terms is a static vent. One may ask the question, why that name? The answer lies in the definition of the word “static”, which is stationary or not moving. Static vents are very popular with architects, engineers and roofers due to the fact that they have no moving parts. Needless to say anything that has no moving parts to wear out will last a long time. This is true in the case of a roof vent or static vent that has no moving parts, the static vent will last the life of the roof. The only time a static vent has to be replaced will be when a there is a re-roofing. The only reason it will need to be replaced is because the flange that gets nailed or screwed to the roof becomes unusable when removed. Between the nails or screws and the roofing sealant, the flange gets all bent up and distorted when removed. Since the cost is so low for a static vent, it is much easier and economical to just buy a new one and replace the old static vent.

Generally speaking all static vents are good vents. All they are is an umbrella over a hole. The challenge has been to make them appealing to the eye and as low a price as possible.

The Round Back Vent is an excellent vent for preventing weather such as rain and snow from entering the attic while allowing for passive exhaust to the outside. The round design is aerodynamic, because it is round and deflects the wind instead of blocking it. The round design is also very appealing to the eye and the powder coating option further reduces the profile of the vent.

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