Aura Ventilator Retrofit

Aura Ventilator Retrofit on old turbine base
Aura Ventilator Retrofit on old turbine base

The Aura Retro-Fit Ventilator - The Aura Retro-Fit Ventilator, essentially the same product as the Aura Ventilator except that this product fits over existing turbine ventilator bases. The Aura Retro-Fit is a popular choice for replacing old turbine ventilators, because the Aura Retro-Fit does not have the mechanical issues that surround traditional turbine ventilators. The Aura Retro-Fit will not vibrate like a turbine vent (because of rusty bearings), it also does not need to be leveled like a turbine vent, and it does not need to be removed in case of a hurricane like a turbine vent. The Aura Retro-Fit is a quick and easy to upgrade your turbine vent

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  • 4 inch - 48 inch diameter Retrofit vent models for replacing and upgrading old turbines or other roof vents.
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