Retrofit Vent Kits
Ventilator Kits that Fit Over Old Turbine and PIpe Bases
A New Aura-Retro on an old turbine base >>>
  • Eliminate installation headaches - just slip the new vent over the old turbine base!
  • The silent, no-cost energy Aura Vent will never rust or wear out - NO MOVING PARTS!
  • 5 year warranty
Aura vs. Turbine
+ No Moving Parts

+ No Balancing

+ Quick Easy Installation

+ Design Passed Dade County Test

+ No Snow or Rain Infiltration

+ No Maintenance Necessary

+ Low Profile

+ Lifetime Warranty

+ Colors Available

– Spinning causes vibration and noise

– Needs to be leveled

– Bends very easily

– Head must be removed for
hurricanes, or it will blow off

– Leaks in rain and snow when not in motion

– Climbing on a roof to replace a worn-out turbine is dangerous

Available in these stock colors:
Allow additional week for delivery.
For detailed color chart, click here.
Choose Your RETROFIT Model
Pop Vent Retrofit
(Head only - base not included)
Solar Fan Retrofit
(Head only - base not included)
Aura Vent Retrofit
(Head only - base not included)
Select Model Using Menus Above or Table Below
Aura Vent Retrofit
Solar Fan Retrofit
Pop Vent Retrofit
4" Diameter
6" Diameter
8" Diameter
10" Diameter
12" Diameter
14" Diameter
16" Diameter
18" Diameter
20" Diameter
24" Diameter
30" Diameter
36" Diameter
42" Diameter
48" Diameter
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