VB-7 (Air Exhaust) 7" x 1 1/2" x 2"

The VB-7 Thinking Window Vent is the mainstay of the window passive ventilation system. The VB-7VB-7 Air Exhaust exhaust vent removes polluted, moisture-laden air from the interior without the use of fans, motors, or electricity. The VB-7 works automatically 24 hours a day helping to cure the "sick building syndrome." The VB-7 helps keep walls, ceilings, insulation and under-roof membranes dry, helping control moId, mildew and condensation. The Thinking Window Vent system can reduce energy consumption and uses less energy than power exhaust systems. The VB-7 primarily moves air in one direction. It exhausts continuously and resists infiltration. Windows can remain closed to maintain the security of the facility.

The VB-7 will exhaust 10 cfm with wind speeds of 15 mph, not taking into account any stack effect or pressurization.

The VB-7 can be installed in new windows or easily retrofitted into existing windows. It can be installed through the frame or onto the sash of the window.


AVP, Inc. announces the invention of a passive ventilation system that cures sick building syndrome and alleviates moisture problems without using energy. Buildings that are not engineered for proper airflow trap pollutants and moisture. Mold, mildew and fungus thrive. Occupants complain.

Thinking Window Vents:

1. Create an engineered path of airflow in which pollution and moisture cannot proliferate.

2. Exhaust moisture laden and polluted air automatically, keeping walls, ceilings, insulation and under roof membrane dry.

3. Use no electricity, work continuously and reduce total energy consumption all year.

4. Can be installed in less than 30 minutes per vent.

5. Never require maintenance or downtime.

6. Exhaust at a rate of 11 cfm and can work together with pressurization and stack effect to increase and regulate air changes.

7. Provide positive air changes, not just air dilution. This is a key principle in proper ventilation.

8. Are guaranteed for 10 years to function as designed.

9. Are tamper resistant.

10. Adapt to and become part of the HVAC system.

11. Measure 2" x 1.5" x 7" and weigh only 3 ounces.

12. Are approved by New York State as a Major Capital Improvement (MCI), by New York City Housing Authority for use in their buildings and by several other government and private authorities who employ independent testing and standards.

Dripping windows, mold, mildew, and fungus indicate serious moisture problems and are likely to cause walls and ceilings, as well as inner roof components, to get wet also. Ventilation is the best advice for dealing with the situation, allowing moisture to escape. Fans and air changers are expensive to operate and need maintenance.

The Thinking Window Vent provides positive air changes without using electricity and without the need for intervention or maintenance. Wind blowing toward your window sucks the inside air outside. The device closes automatically if the winds are too strong, and keeps out rain. The most polluted or moist air in a room rises to the ceiling and is drawn toward the vent to be exhausted. Since the vents resist infiltration, a unidirectional air stream is established in which pollution and moisture cannot proliferate to harmful levels. The continual, slow exchange of air keeps the room fresh, and conserves heat by keeping the window closed.

vent action diag
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