Comparison Study:
Aura Ventilator vs.
Turbine Ventilators

Advantages of the Aura Ventilator:
  • NO moving parts

  • Can be used to replace turbine ventilators when turbine base is a fixed mount on roof

  • Fixed profile

  • Different collar lengths

  • Greater curb appeal

  • NO balancing

  • Less time during installation

  • The 21st Century vent

  • NO rain or snow infiltration
Disadvantages of Turbine Vents:
  • Insert or animal entrance when frozen

  • Rain & snow infiltration when no motion

  • Bearing replacement

  • Noisy when bearings are worn

  • Climbing on roof to replace worn-out unit - liability from a fall

  • Blow off in high winds

  • No curb appeal to industrial commercial looks

  • Bends very easily

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