The Auxiliary Tandem Solar Panel for the Aura Solar Attic Fan

Receive More Light Energy for your Aura Solar Fan
with an Extra Solar Panel. 

If trees block sunlight to your solar panel part of the day, your fan will only operate part of the day, despite the fact that it is still sunny and hot outside. To resolve this problem use the Auxiliary Tandem Solar Panel to ensure that sunlight is always shining on at least one of your panels for all day fan operation.

No matter if your roof has a southern exposure or an east/west exposure, the flexibility of having an Auxiliary Tandem Solar Panel provides an Optimum Fan Performance and Energy Savings.

The Auxiliary Solar Panel is connected by a UV Rated cable to the main solar fan unit on the roof. The remote panel can be placed anywhere on the roof to catch sunlight when the main solar panel is in the shade. If placement of the extra panel is done properly, a homeowner can double their Aura Solar Fan's daily runtime. 

Auxiliary Solar Panel installed on east/west exposure

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