Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions

The following items need to be performed for the proper installation of the Aura Skylight Ventilator. We recommend areas either that have no windows or produce excessive moisture. You can install as many Aura Skylight Ventilators as you wish because the cylindrical damper can be adjusted by lowering for more airflow or raised for less airflow. The feature of the damper is for the purpose of energy conservation. When there is radiant heat in the home lower the damper to expel the excess heat. In the winter raise the damper to reduce the amount of exhaust. We recommend leaving it slightly open to expel excess moisture, mold spores and stale air. Engineering studies have shown that the Aura Skylight Ventilator properly installed and properly adjusted can and will save substantial energy dollars. These savings can pay for the cost between two and three years. It is essential that you follow this specific order.

1. Locate the location inside the home that you desire to install the ceiling vent

2. Take the hoses locking ring with the arrow and use it as a pattern to draw and cut the 10.5” hole in the ceiling.

3. Use a keyhole saw to cut out the circular opening and be as accurate as possible to the 10.5” opening.

4. Place wooden backers above the ceiling and put screws into them to hold the backers in place. These backers are designed to support the ceiling vent.

5. Take a drill through the ceiling opening and drill a hole in the roof marking the place where you will be installing the Aura Skylight Ventilator.

6. Take the flex hose and ring assembly and push it through the opening in the ceiling, fastening the ring with the 4 screws provided through the ceiling into the backers.

7. On the roof locate the pilot hole that you have drilled, take the locking ring with the red arrow and again mark and cut a 10.5” circular opening.

8. Reach down and pull the flex hose through the opening on the roof. Slip over the hose the locking ring with the red arrow facing you. Pull the hose through the locking ring pushing the ring against the roof with one hand and pulling the flex hose gently until it is taught. If you wish you can trim the excess flex hose.

9. Take the Aura Skylight Ventilator, apply sealant to the underside of the flange and install it onto the roof over the locking ring and the flex duct. Fasten to the roof with either screws or nails.

10. Back inside the home reach up and dust around the flex hose making it clean, then install the cylindrical damper and white ring assembly by gently pushing against the outer edge of the damper until you have achieved the proper setting. Then put 4 screws #8 which are provided through the 4 holes of the white damper ring and through the ring and flex hose assembly to hold everything together.

This photo of the Aura Skylight Ventilator was taken by Tom MacNeil of 21st Century Roofing.

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