Installation Instructions
for Modular Manufacturers In-Plant Roof Top Ventilation
EPDM factory install diag
  1. Cut hole in roof deck. (wood or steel)
  2. Install Dens Deck or insulation as needed
  3. Install single ply roof system
  4. Round corners of metal base
  5. Install primer to bottom side of vent base
  6. Install Butyl seal tape around perimeter of base
  7. Install base with 2" collar onto roof decking with fasteners 2" on center
  8. Following EPDM specifications, strip in the vent base using cured laminated tape as per their drawing MH 10
    a) Apply primer to metal and area of EPDM where laminated tape will be placed
    b) Starting at the lowest point install the first strip
    c) Install the side strips
    d) Install the top strip
  9. Apply caulk as specified
  10. Remove the EPDM inside the vent base thus opening the vent area
  11. Install the temporary vent cap and secure with screws and tape


  1. Remove temporary metal cap and install vent collar and vent onto pre-installed roof bases. Attach with four fasteners provided in alignment with fasteners on lid. Note: additional collars can be installed to raise the vent to state code height.
  2. Using appropriate caulk sealant caulk area where collar meets base.