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A makeup air system used in conjunction with a mechanical exhaust, such as whole house fans, bathroom fans, or for any place the barometric pressure needs to be balanced.
exhaust fan
Special electrostatically charged filter pulls particulates and water molecules from the air

Specially designed filter will never clog, so that make up air will never be cut off, thus ensuring a balanced home or building

This hypoallergenic air makeup system prevents rain or snow from entering

Filtered air inlet is beneficial for those who suffer from airborne allergies such as asthma. This is done by catching airborne contaminants at their source

As recommended by HUD, “all mechanical systems must have adequately sized inlets for an adequately sized exhaust to release any unbalanced pressure” (Federal Register 2005)

bathroom fan
exhaust fan ceiling vent
ceiling vent
Ceiling vent with filter
Close-up of filter. Can be changed easily.
inlet vent

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