Universal Dormer Vent
Installation Instructions

To properly install the Dormer Vent in sizes 36" and 48", please follow these instructions.

1. For Roof Air Exhaust, (diagram view on front page) cut a slot just below the first row of shingles using the following chart. (See View 1).
For Roof Air Intake (diagram view above) cut the slot 1 foot up from the bottom edge of the roof, from there installation instructions are
the same. Please note: if more than one Dormer Vent is being installed, then the VENTS (not the slots) must be spaced 4 inches apart
when installed, to allow for roof water drainage.
36" Vent - Cut a slot 1 5/8” wide and 30” long.
48" Vent - Cut a slot 1 3/4” wide and 42” long.
2. Put sealant (light coking or tar) under the top flange and along the side edges (See View 2). Then place the top flange under the shingles
placing it so that the slot is centered under the Dormer Vent. Be sure the Vent is correctly aligned with the slot before continuing. (See View 3)
3. When the Dormer Vent is in its final position, the bottom flange should rest on top of the shingles to ensure correct drainage. Do not use
sealant on the bottom flange. (See View 2)
4. Attach the Dormer Vent to the roof using (#8 x 1") screws on the bottom flange, 6 " apart. (See View 4)