Providing a Complete Flat Roof Installation Kit

CONTINUOUS EXHAUST whether the fan is ON or OFF. When the fan is off, outside air moving against the Aura’s louvers creates a vacuum that exhausts without electricity, thus reducing energy consumption.
Aura Fan with the Curb Mount Flange + Matching Roof Curb = Complete Kit
In order to offer a complete solution, this kit includes everything you need to install your rof exhaust fan with a specially designed curb. The kit includes: 24” Aura Fan with 6” collar, curb mount flange, and matched roof curb.
• Engineered to provide the most CFM with the least amount of electricity

• Exhausts air continuously even when the motor is off

• Aerodynamic internal cone to guide exhaust

• Available with optional shut-off switch, humidistat and thermostat

• Negligible roof loading

• Adaptable with all types of roofs

• All aluminum construction

• Can be cleaned and serviced in minutes
Available in these stock colors:
Allow additional week for delivery.
For detailed color chart, click here.
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6" Collar
8" Diameter
10" Diameter
12" Diameter
14" Diameter
16" Diameter
18" Diameter
20" Diameter
24" Diameter
30" Diameter