• A New Concept Called: “Active Ventilation”
    “Wind,” a renewable energy source, moving against the Aura Ventilator produces an exhaust. It functions like a turbine with the additional benefits of no moving parts and a low profile.

  • Improve Attic Ventilation
    The Aura Ventilator continuously expels heat and moisture from the attic. In the summer it reduces the cost of air conditioning by keeping the attic cooler. In the winter, it draws out moisture in the attic, which keeps the insulation drier and your R-value higher.

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
    Without electricity, the Aura Ventilator combined with the ceiling vent efficiently and continuously provides air changes throughout the entire home. In the summer the warmest air and contaminants exit through the ceiling vent. In the winter, air changes and moisture are manually controlled by the ceiling vent.

  • Durable, Easy to Install and Uses No Electricity
    The Aura Vent and Pop Vent are made from heavy gauge aluminum, and are designed to withstand wind speeds as high as 200 mph. The ceiling vent is made from plastic and the air regulator is made from mylar. All products are made in the USA.

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