Aura-T Trailer Vent

A Trailer Vent for Horse, Utility & Storage Trailers,
Which Works in the Rain/Snow (Even While Driving)

horse trailer | utility trailer


  • Fecal odors are removed

  • Creates a cleaner and
    drier environment for
    the animals

  • Helps to keep trailer
    cooler on hot summer


  • Removes gas fumes for cars, trailers, lawnmowers

  • Creates a comfortable
    work space
  • A non-electric trailer ventilator designed to exhaust 24/7, keeping the RV or Trailer safe from rain or snow entry while eliminating condensation

  • Ventilates harmful fumes, pollutants and excess heat out of the RV or Trailer while it is parked, so that the living and working space is safe and comfortable

  • Trailer vent available in 6 inch size, and can accommodate any roof thickness with our garnish and finishing ring

  • Made of heavy gauge aluminum and comes with a 5 year warranty, available in mill or painted finish

  • Recommended application: 1 vent for every 8 feet of trailer
trailer vent close-up
trailer vent installed
Aura-T close-up
trailer vent with open damper trailer vent with closed damper trailer vent with garnishing ring
The Aura-T with internal damper in open position
The Aura-T with internal damper in a closed flush position
Finishing ring
with garnish

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