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Our New Home!

In 2006, Active Ventilation Products relocated to a 63,000 sq. ft. building which allows for high volume production. This new fast-paced operation now satisfies the increasing demands of our customers.

roof vent manufacturing facility

roof vent manufacturing

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Active Ventilation Products Inc. has proven itself to be among the foremost innovators in exhaust and intake ventilators. We combine over 20 years' experience with the most state-of-the-art engineering. AVP holds 24 patents for products that use wind and solar energy, both renewable energy sources for energy conservation.

AVP manufactures gravity, active and powered ventilators. Sizes range from 4" to 48" in diameter. The Aura Ventilator is an active ventilator, which functions like a turbine but has no moving parts. It is maintenance free and is installed as a roof vent without an adjustable base.

The primary function of a ventilator is to produce a continuous exhaust to alleviate condensation and heat buildup in roofs and attics or inside buildings. The Aura Ventilator is designed to perform that function and is the lowest profile CFM producing ventilator on the market today.

The Aura Ventilator is constructed with three sets of slotted vanes. The outside set has two, one inside the other. Air moving against the vanes of the outer cylinder is directed in a manner to create a circular air flow between the outer cylinder and the inner cylinder. The vanes on the inner cylinder face in the same direction as the air movement created by the outside cylinder. This air movement creates the "Venturi effect" on the inner vanes producing a vacuum, which exhausts the air from the attic or building.

Accessories such as skylights mounted on the lid, adaptors onto turbine bases and other roof pipes, EPDM and TPO boots, extra large flanges for tile applications, collars to increase height (1" to 18"), automatic or manual dampers to control air flow and electric fans for guaranteed CFM are available.

The product line has grown to include adaptations of the Aura Ventilator for various applications, such as trailer vents, bathroom vents, breather vents, and the Dade County approved "Aura-D." The line has expanded to related items like the intake/exhaust "Pop Vent," a tubular skylight, and dormer vents.

We also customize our products to the architects, engineers and builders' specifications. We also fulfill rush orders without extra charges. AVP is here to support the customer.

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